Britain needs a museum of communist terror

I went to Budapest last year and did the usual touristy things. I climbed up the hill to the fantasy castle walls in Buda. I took a boat ride. I went to the Turkish baths — edging cautiously into scalding hot water and then summoning up the courage to tip a bucket of cold water over myself.

Finally, I reached the grim end of the tourist trail: the so-called House of Terror. On the outside, it looked like every other Hungarian house on the boulevard. Inside, it was a museum set up in the actual place where first Nazis, then communists, inflicted imprisonment, terror and murder.

  • QiPo

    If you like stats, then try these published and vetted numbers: Communism 110,000,000. Islam 270,000,000. The unhappiest number has not been reached as both add to their blood tally daily and, until eradicated themselves, will NEVER end. Humanity’s problem = humanity.