Political correctness stops people from denouncing Islamic misogyny, intelligence expert says

A leading Canadian intelligence expert warned that political correctness may be stopping people from denouncing the misogyny of various Islamic groups in Canada and many parts of Europe and Great Britain.

Thomas Quiggin, who is regarded as one of Canada’s foremost experts on counterterrorism, security and intelligence, spoke to some 475 people at Chabad Flamingo in Thornhill, Ont., on Feb. 29. He discussed the attacks on women in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve, the misogynistic philosophy of Islam and the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Canada.

  • disqusW6sf

    Glad to see Tom Quiggan on YouTube as well. Good.

  • Tokenn

    The word is starting to trickle out… Has anybody asked Trudeau yet what he _would_ consider to be a ‘barbaric practice’? Would we have to go all the way to cannibalism and human sacrifice. [Would suicide bombing be considered human sacrifice….?]

  • It is incredible that in 2016 people are still discussing whether Islam is misogynistic or murderous etc. As if everyone didn’t know from way back. The amount of denial of reality operative nowadays is simply mind-boggling.