Obama Reverts To Fighting ‘Domestic Anti-Government Extremists’

Wr On Terror: After San Bernardino, the president vowed to intensify the war on Islamic State-inspired terrorism. Yet now we learn the FBI has launched a new website to counter extremism that strips all references to Islamic extremism.

Instead of focusing on Islam and jihad, the anti-terrorism website illogically zeroes in on “White Supremacy Extremists,” “Militia Extremists,” and “Anarchist Extremists.”

The federal website was “updated” after President Obama met in the White House with the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other Muslim pressure groups. CAIR complained the web-based program, which includes interactive games designed to educate youth about the destructive nature of violence extremism, contained too many references to Islam.

The Washington-based Islamist group, which federal prosecutors have tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, said it “stigmatized the Muslim community” and could lead to anti-Muslim hate crimes.


Wait til they discover that Islam leads to anti-Muslim hate crimes.