Lessons in Anti-Semitism with Max Blumenthal

Last Wednesday I had the misfortune of attending a presentation by the notorious American journalist Max Blumenthal. Hosted and organized by the Toronto Public Library, together with PEN Canada and a shady anti-Israeli organization called Independent Jewish Voices, the event was supposed to promote free speech and understanding of different points of view. In his introduction, the president of PEN even mentioned by name two Bangladeshi secular bloggers who received numerous threats and eventually were hacked to death by Muslim extremists.

However, the presentation itself had more to do with defending the views of the Muslim murderers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    BTW Hillary Clinton considers him one of the most significant and important voices in Mideast relations today.

    • No doubt. The diaspora will give up on Israel one day, not all but the majority I suspect. Too many Blumenthals.

      • simus1

        Wonder if the platoon of “Toronto’s Finest” was paid duty or a taxpayer funded “courtesy” or a combo?
        Suppose the chief or mayor would have the answer at hand.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The odds are strong that Trump will slam Hillary on the Blumenthals and Huma.