Islam: What Is To Be Done?

Yes, Islam! The politics and theology of Muslims is now the dominant source of global instability; although any separation of the two is moot in most nations with an Islamic majority. This is not to discount criminals, militants, extremists, terrorists, various Muslim small wars/insurgencies, or even “nefarious characters” and “lone wolves.” All of these euphemisms are symptoms; unfortunately, now also doing service as rhetorical burkas for metastasizing religious instability, a theopolitical movement of global dimensions. Call it Islamism, if a short hand is necessary.

Indeed, a latter day Muslim crusade is underway. Religious imperialism is now an existential threat across the autocratic Ummah and the republican West. If we can borrow the Huntington prophesy, the future is one of cultural conflict – between “the West and the rest.” The secular world is at war with irredentist theocracy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What is to be done? The same attitude adjustment we administered to Japan in August 1945.

    • Katyn

      Exactly. Total war. There are 1.3 billion Muslims and every single one of them must be exterminated. Fortunately, that is exactly the sort of project the West has proven to be expert at.

      • Katyn – please do not make comments calling for “extermination” and things like that. That is absolutely, 100% against the comment policy of the blog. If you doubt my word feel free to contact BCF, and he’ll confirm what I’m telling you.

        • Katyn

          I was not calling for violence any more I would have called for total war on Japan. But Japan declared the war and we were left with no choice but to carry it out to the utter end. Including nuclear bombing of two cities.

          Islam today is no different. It’s declared unending war on Western Civilization to the very end and we will eventually have to respond in kind.

          I’m not advocating violence but violence is being pushed upon us. My God just the mass rapes and assaults that are occuring in Europe.

          • I remember what you wrote. You said there were however many Muslims in the world, and they all needed to be “exterminated”. This is not up for debate. Don’t do it.

          • Katyn

            There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. The kafirs are to be killed or subjugated. They are explicit in this. You figure out the real world consequences. If you can think of better I would be totally interested. I highly fear for the future.

          • Not defending Islam, not interested in a debate. Remember “Physics Grad”? I asked him several times to stop saying that kind of thing. He wouldn’t. I banned him a couple of weeks ago, as I told him I would have to if he kept it up. I’m not saying this to try to sound tough. I’m simply telling you what the comment policy is.

          • Katyn

            I’m just stating the reality of Islam.