France blackmails Britain: stay in the EU or we’ll flood you with migrants


If Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June referendum, France will allow migrants to move to Britain by ending border controls and roll out a red carpet for bankers fleeing London, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.

“The day this relationship unravels, migrants will no longer be in Calais and the financial passport would work less well,” Macron told the Financial Times ahead of an Anglo-French security summit.

h/t tom_billesley

  • tom_billesley
  • Hard Little Machine

    Shoot them as they enter the UK.

  • tom_billesley

    … largesse for the invaders:

    MIGRANTS are to be handed envelopes of cash under a £550 million EU scheme, sparking fears the funds could be used by human traffickers for people smuggling.
    Despite dangers of what they could spend this money on, Brussels officials said it would help the tens of thousands of migrants arriving illegally in Greece “maintain their dignity.”
    Commissioner in charge of humanitarian aid, Christos Stylianides, said he believed migrants should be able to buy things for themselves, rather than relying on handouts.

    • Seneca III

      “…buy things for themselves”? – like firearms, ammunition and ingredients for explosives? Yeah, that really does make sense.

      • They will also send money back home and ask for more.

  • Clink9

    Bring it on Kermit.

    • V10_Rob

      Can’t see how this threat won’t do more to encourage people into the Exit camp than scare them into line.

  • simus1

    Calais is English land illegally occupied by the French.

    • Lol.

    • Seneca III

      Actually it first became ours in 1066 🙂

      • andycanuck

        But they were really Vikings not French!

  • Denis

    a few bricks in a wall in the chunnel will stop that adventure.
    Back to the channel ferries for England.

    • Seneca III

      Fifty tonnes of HE in the middle of it would be a better long term solution. Then equip all ferries with an old fashioned plank…sort of.

  • G

    It takes two parties to open a border, not just one. The frogs can bluster and tell the rag heads, “you’re free to go to England!”. But if the British say “Place one foot on our soil and you’re dead!”. The Frog threat means nothing.

    As well, the idea that the French (snicker) are going to suddenly become eager pro-business and steal companies away from Britain is, at best, a bad joke.

    • G

      Besides there’s nothing saying the British couldn’t send a a few warships into the Mediterranean and “rescue” thousands of migrants and release them in boats just 12 miles off the coast of southern France in an area where the current will drift them ashore.

      “For every rag head you send to our country, you cheese eating fucks. We’ll send 5 to yours!”.

    • tom_billesley

      Winners would be immigration lawyers in the UK and their support workers (translators, welfare claim advisers, counsellors of all sorts). They’d argue that France is not a safe country to which to deport anyone. Greece is already in this category.

      • G

        Who said anything about deportation? Don’t let them in to begin with. I would not be able to enter the U.S. without proper documentation so neither would the rag heads. The same applies to Britain.
        Unless you think surrender is the only option.

        • tom_billesley

          One problem is that the border is mid-tunnel. I suppose they could stop the train, check documents, and shackle the invaders to seats for a return trip.

          • G

            There we go. Those who attempt to cross by sea will be stopped boarded, their boats disabled seriously and would be towed back to French waters.

            The French are good at boasting but poor when it comes to actual confrontation. They’ll fold like a paper airplane, especially if British warships are dumping rafts containing thousands of filthy pig migrants all along beaches on the French Riviera.

          • Denis

            so build a wall at the border with mg enforcement behind it just in case!

  • Many French are not multi-culti leftists, remember. e.g. here:

    • Kaye92

      Agreed (grumble, grumble!) It’s just that the French make such easy targets: the French, zay are cra-zee, non?

  • ed

    wellington and nelson are looking down with tears in their eye`s at the traitor cameron

  • Reader

    Who do the French think they are, Turks?

    Turkey keeps on demanding ever more money out of the EU to “stem the flow of migrants” at the same time they are demanding to be part of the borderless Eurozone.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    Make sure the lawyers and lawmakers are in agreement. Enact under law that any attempt at illegal entry is presumed an act of invasion (not a criminal offence) to be repelled by the military by any means up to and including use of lethal force, and make the penalty for invasion under military law to be death. Then post notice at the Chunnel entrance and assign the job to someone like the Royal Marines or Scots Guards. The message will quickly get out – if you come here, we will kill you. End of discussion. End of problem.