Denmark wants to deport extremist imams

Danish MPs from across the political spectrum on Thursday were discussing how to deal with imams with extreme views after a highly controversial Aarhus mosque was thrust back into the national spotlight this week.

  • moraywatson

    The best course of action is to deport all of the imams. And then raise the mosques.

    • Petrilia

      Raze to the ground…

      • moraywatson

        Chambers 20th Century Dictionary New Edition 1983: raise … to remove, take off; …

  • Ron MacDonald

    Justin Trudeau: “Please send them to Canada, we need them to provide spiritual advice to our newly arrived Syrian refugees”.

  • DD_Austin

    Watch their former countries refuse to take them back
    Which these MPs ( Mohannedean Purchased ) already know will be the case
    this is just window dressing for the pissed off masses
    by a bunch of progressive traitors

  • I will believe it when I see it.

  • Alain

    In the name of accuracy the title should be: Denmark Wants to Deport Imams preaching the fundamental doctrines of Islam. Words cannot express how I am so fed up with the crap about “extremist Muslims” or “radical Muslims” when they are no more, no less, than devout Muslims.