BC Christian girl wins rights case

From National Post:

Bethany Paquette launched her human rights complaint after receiving a string of vitriolic responses to a job application she sent Victoria-based Amaruk Wilderness Corp. two years ago, in a case that made headlines around the world.

With a number of purported Amaruk colleagues based in Norway, Fragassi rejected Paquette’s 2014 job application, according to documents filed at the tribunal. In emails accompanying the rejection notice, Amaruk slammed Paquette’s Christian background and education; Paquette had noted in her job application that she was a graduate of Trinity Western University, a private Christian institution near Vancouver.

“Graduates from Trinity Western University are not welcome in our company,” read an email Paquette received from an Amaruk executive, identified as “Olaf Amundsen.”

“God bless is very offensive to me,” the same purported Amaruk official wrote to her later. “I do not want to be blessed by some guy who was conceived by a whore, outside of marriage … If I was to meet the guy, I’d actually f— him.” More.

Reality check: Get used to it. Bg Gay will be back. Trinity Western may have a hard time keeping its accreditation.

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  • Good news.

    • simus1

      Trying to remember.
      Think there were some quirks to this hiring refusal pointed out by others that seemed to imply that her lack of dishonesty would be an even bigger reason to avoid hiring her.