Social Justice Warriors’ War Against the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment of the 18th century, whose principles enabled the rise of secular democracy, egalitarianism and human rights, was made flesh in the French Revolution and inscribed in our Constitution as the foundation of our country’s statutes and political identity. It also made possible the scientific revolution that began in the previous century even as it provoked persecution of scientific free-thinkers by the Catholic church, whose doctrines and power structures were directly threatened.

Dissent and free inquiry were arguably the greatest gifts of the Enlightenment, and their absence today in the world of Islam has empowered Muslim theocracies based on irrationality and fanaticism as well as a resurgence of socially regressive “political” Hinduism in India, where the western legacy of evidence-based science and critical reason is being replaced by a Hinduism that claims to be the originator of modern physics and evolutionary biology and boasts of the power of “traditional” and alternative ways of seeing the world.

  • Minicapt

    The Enlightenment was the source for “Critical Thinking”, which has developed into modern Social Justice. The evidence-based science and logical thinking was a factor in the development of science and math, which was fostered by the Catholic and then Protestant churches.


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  • andycanuck

    Must be an atheist writing (I didn’t bother hitting the link): Thinks there was nothing wrong with the French Revolution; claims the R.C. Church was against science; and tries to draw equivalency between other religions and Islam. No thanks.