Rotherham: Son of Muslim child rape gang member found guilty of witness intimidation

Qurban Ali, Member Of Muslim Child Rape Gang

Qurban Ali, Member Of Muslim Child Rape Gang. In other words emulating Islamic cult idol Mohammed.

The teenage son of one of the men convicted of horrific child sex abuse in Rotherham has been found guilty of intimidating a female witness ahead of his father’s two month trial.

Kaleem Ali, 18, of Masborough, left the woman ‘shaking and crying’ after subjecting her to terrifying threats after Qurban Ali was charged for his role in the brutal sex ring.

He denied doing anything wrong but was found guilty at trial yesterday.

  • simus1

    The 18 years old at the time criminal muslim offspring of a charged serial child rapist is a bit long in the tooth to be called a “teenager”. No doubt some at the Daily Mail even found that a bit harsh.

  • bob e

    how ’bout the other dozen cities & towns this is going on in ??