Is UK’s conversion to Islam a joke? Maybe not

Boys might like to fantasize about their conversion to Islam. Girls, perhaps, a bit less. A high school in England, Les Beauchamps in Guernsey, asked twelve-year-old students toimagine their conversion to Islam. The parents have not taken it very well and protested, but officials of the Education Ministry defended the initiative: “The program for religious education includes a framework to ensure that Christianity and the other five major religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism) are studied in depth”.

  • Icebow

    Just as a matter of fact, Guernsey isn’t a part of England. British crown dependency.

  • B__2

    Maybe they need some field trips to:
    a) London’s Tower Hamlets: to see how a muslim culture does its family and tribal politics. Marvel at a community where up to 70% are officially unemployed and yet not required to do anything in return for their taxpayer funded lifestyles. Visit a typical muslim family and see how they manage to bypass the laws on bigamy to get government support for their polygamy.
    b) Rotherham: to see first hand what to expect as a kuffar teenage girl, including meeting the diverse police officers and council officials who helped prevent islamophobia by making sure the 1400 girls ‘handling’ was hidden and not prosecuted for so many years.
    c) Calais’ The Jungle: to meet with ‘refugees’, eager to assist the UK government in spending taxpayers money for welfare – but in the meantime providing full employment for French police including practice for their riot control activities.
    d) Baghdad: visit the last Jews in Baghdad, while there are still any left. Understand the muslim fanaticism and respect for religious diversity. (Note: this could be called off at any time due to a lack of Jews – if this is the case, this field trip leg may be transferred to a visit to the Hindu Kush to find out how Islam was spread in this region and how the Hindu Kush got its name).

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Or maybe illustrate their contributions to math and science by showing them how few Nobel Prize winners they have comparative to their population.

  • V10_Rob

    Bullshit. Show me the school assignment where they pretend to convert to the other 5 religions mentioned.

    • marty_p

      Since it’s the British school system – I can only assume any section on Judaism will include “Zionism is a form of racism” + “The Irgun terrorists blew up the King David Hotel killing British Soldiers …see the Jews are terrorists”…and “Let’s have a moment of silence for Palestinian victims of Israeli oppression”….