Two Afghan #Rapefugees arrested for ‘sexually assaulting’ two young girls at German swimming pool

Two migrants have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two young girls at a public swimming baths in northern Germany.

The Afghan asylum seekers, aged 14 and 34, had reportedly molested the teenagers at a popular aquatics centre in Norderstedt, in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The alleged victims, aged 14 and 18, were reportedly assaulted on Sunday near the water slide at the main pool of the town’s Arriba baths complex.

  • ontario john

    CNN is reporting that Donald Trump paid the two men to attack the girls. Perhaps they can be hired as Toronto teachers, since another one was jailed the other day. The Toronto teacher float at the Pride Parade will be kind of empty this summer. And in another example of how the Western elites ignore islamic barbarism but hate our Western history, The National Post website has an interesting story. Our LIberal minister John MacCullam who is bringing in thousands of muslims, is upset that too much emphasis is being put on the military aspect of the War of 1812.(gee, maybe because it was a war, you moron). Yes, he is upset that military events are being given too much coverage during War of 1812 celebrations this year, and wants government involvement toned down in this regard. Perhaps he can come up with program that shows indians being converted to islam and starting the first social work school. He can have islamic social workers saving Canada. It would make a great CBC special.

    • McCallum is an ass.

      • ontario john

        Part of the story is also that he is removing the Barbaric Practices part of the citizenship guide. I guess it would be islamophobic to tell new muslim Canadians that they can’t perform female mutalation or honour killing.

  • tom_billesley