Pakistan reports new ‘honor killing’ after Oscars triumph

A father has shot dead his daughter in the Pakistani city of Lahore in an apparent “honor killing”, police said Tuesday, a day after a Pakistani director won an Oscar for a documentary on such murders.

Investigators said Mohammad Rehmat, who is now on the run, killed his 18-year-old daughter Komal Bibi on Monday after she failed to tell him where she had been for about five hours.

“The father fled after killing his daughter and police are searching for him,” local police official Mohammad Yaqoob told AFP.

“It appears to be a case of honor killing,” he said.

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    Locked into a mentally-defective universe.

    • Films like that make westerners feel good, it’s film world’s version of Malala.

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    Ban Paks and other culture murderers as immigrants.

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    Is anymore evidence needed?