Illegal alien invaders continue violence in Calais

Calais ‘jungle’: Woman ‘slashes her wrists’ engages in street theatre as police move in to demolish camp

The video below is from Calais Truth

More video here.

  • The role of governments is to keep the peace, keep things safe for the citizens. Our governments today have completely abdicated and allow anarchy and chaos art the hands of the Muslim ‘migrants’. They invade, spread their filth, rape, kill, throw stones, stop traffic, attack people, attack the police – with total impunity. Governments have abdicated. Our societies will collapse as a consequence in a brief period of time.

    • European governments have truly turned on their own citizens, as have North America’s. Mass immigration was an implicit declaration of war.

      • pdxnag

        I want to hear the local TV news folks incessantly badgering Hillary Clinton to repudiate the apparent public support for her by La Raza. They are at war.

    • Dana Garcia

      Yes, public safety is Job #1 for government. But apparently diversity propaganda has convinced them that maintaining order is too mean spirited.

  • Gary

    Lets see what happens once Justin brings in his 200,000 peaceful pro-sharia muslims and THEY start storming the US borders at Fort Erie and Niagara Falls

  • k1

    These BOYzzzz with all their aggression …
    should be fighting for their home lands!!!!
    These people are bullying the West and we are all just taking it… the end result will be a sad farewell to Western ideas of Rights and Freedoms
    Refugees are persecuted minorities not the MAJORITIES!
    What are the Westerns elites doing?!