A Sikhs Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham – Sikh Awareness Society

“Those who are concerned with coming across as racist for pointing out the ethnic background and nationality of these abusers are ignoring the racism and abuse carried out by these individuals. It’s despicable and it’s their own actions and not you bringing shame on their own community”

h/t Marvin via Tundra Tabloids

  • The Butterfly

    Such wonderful people who belong in Punjab.

  • ed

    present Sikh/hindu prisoners in uk jails 874 .present muslim prisoners in uk jails 14,552

  • AlanUK

    With the attitude and common-sense he shows I am proud that he lives here.

  • barryjr

    Very good post. Only disagreement I have is these animals are not a minority in the Pakistani Muslim community, rather by their silence and condoning of this they the community as a whole shows that these animals are truly representative of the community as a whole.

  • simus1

    muslim rape gangs don’t discriminate very much when it comes to helpless victims. Unlike the vote whores and their compliant stooges masquerading in police uniforms who are both “very sensitive to ethnic pressures”.