Would you buy meat from a robot butcher?

…In Georgia, where poultry is the top agricultural product, accounting for about $20 billion in annual economic impact statewide, an automatic chicken deboner is a technological holy grail. Humans are inconsistent at performing repetitive tasks, which leads to waste and inefficiency, and every 1 percent loss of breast meat represents about $2.5 million to each of Georgia’s 20 poultry processing plants.

Lured by that juicy chicken money, researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute have developed what they’ve dubbed the Intelligent Cutting and Deboning System. “Each bird is unique in its size and shape,” says Gary McMurray, chief of GTRI’s Food Processing Technology Division, “so we have developed the sensing and actuation needed to allow an automated deboning system to adapt to the individual bird, as opposed to forcing the bird to conform to the machine.”