Trudeau’s Orwellian ISIS talk baffles

Canadian CF-18 pilots completed their final airstrike against ISIL last week. The mission ended Monday, as promised by a very obdurate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, insistent that we need to decompress.

So now we focus on training and spending — in a larger way. Never a penurious prime minister, Trudeau’s plan is actually going to cost more than the airstrikes did. Now all the Liberals have to do is ensure that the ministerial talking points correspond to the ones they send to DND, so they can temper what is becoming a disjointed message that classifies the new role as both “riskier” and “non-combat.”

  • Make no mistake: Trudeau, like Obama, has no intention EVER of destroying ISIS, that rancid organisation that should not be contained or dealt with because it cannot be. This is all lip service to a serious and widespread problem.

    • He is more concerned about winning Muslim votes than about terrorism, or the wanton slaughter of Christians and others.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Iffen I change my name to Pope Francis Bin Dere Done Dat al-differential calculus can I become an advisor to the pm, too?

      • I’ll bet they vote for him even after his gay parade crap.

  • Shebel

    Are there any WW 2 Vets out there ,that would agree with this ‘wanton’ destruction of our Countries by Politicians and Celebrities ?

    They destroy the Middle Class– which they can’t even ID , with taxes.
    They destroy the Lower Class–( which they DARE not ID) –by opening the Borders to people , that any income is excellent.

    I guess their next war will be against the ‘Underground Economy’.

    What happens in Europe—comes to Canada.

  • mauser 98

    get rid of this steaming jackass

  • Liberal Progressive

    Calling ISIS terrorists only hurts their feeling and it is probably what drove them to violence in the first place.

    As Justin has said we need to understand what we have done to them to drive them to this in the first place and we need to make amends. Perhaps if we offer them Canadian citizenship and all that goes with it and bring them here they can become happy constructive Canadians?