The Republican Party Would Rather Lose The Election With Rubio Than Win With Trump, Because if Trump Wins, The Establishment Stands To Lose Everything

Trump of Donald

Honestly, I am a bit surprised at the level of political corruption that exists in The United States. I knew that backroom deal-making was there, I just didn’t think the whole damn thing was so rotten to the core. 

We need to flush these bastards ASAP, and Trump is the only one capable of doing so. We need to take back our government and bankrupt our own popular media, starting with ostensibly “conservative” media such as Fox News and the National Review. The NYT’s will die like Pravda all on their own.

They need to die. They have to die.

They will die as obsolete institutions and discredited individuals, all in bed with one another.

It’s a rigged game and they have been conning us all and everyone’s support for any candidate other than Trump is now suspect.