North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Threat: Very Bad News

The mainstream media and their stable of “experts” consistently underestimate North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapon capabilities. The gap between how the media report on the North Korean nuclear missile threat and the reality of the threat has become so wide as to be dangerous.

In the aftermath of North Korea’s latest nuclear test on January 6, 2016, for instance, and its launch of a mock satellite on February 7, 2016, the American people were told that North Korea has not miniaturized a nuclear warhead for delivery by missile nor could the missile strike the U.S. with any accuracy.

  • Put sanctions on China, cripple North Korea.

    It is that easy.

    • Certainly, China’s apparent protection of the North Korean criminal elite is inexcusable. The latter cannot be dealt with until the former steps back, or joins the rest of the world in suppressing them.

      • China participates in keeping its buffer state as miserable as possible.

        • But why does it support NK? It does not need a buffer state.

          • With American-backed South Korea (and a possible EMP), yes, it does.

          • No. SK is a very peaceful state, no threat whatsoever to China. Not even, in reality, to NK which is the paranoid aggressor. And China does not need a NK buffer to protect itself from the US or even from Japan. China’s stance still doesn’t make sense to me.

          • No.

            The buffer state allows for space from a free state to the foment within. Imagine Chinese fleeing to a united Korea.

            Imagine no lap dog to create a scene and distract the world from what’s going on in the South China Seas.

          • That doesn’t explain it. Chinese are traveling all over the world. They are not going to ‘flee’ to SK! And NK is not distracting the world from the Sth China sea or anything else. No – the reason is still a mystery.

  • North Korea – like a stupid child holding a hand grenade in a room full of people.

  • tom_billesley

    … nor could the missile strike the U.S. with any accuracy.
    Very comforting. How accurate does it have to be? – it’s not as if they’d be aiming at a small target.

  • Jabberwokk

    Doesn’t have to. The EMP the western seaboard while Iran takes out the eastern one.