Imam at Danish mosque recommends stonings and floggings for adulterers

“If a woman commits adultery, she should be stoned to death,” contends Abu Bilal, an imam from Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus, who was captured on a hidden camera by TV2.

The Danish TV channel has today released a clip from a new documentary series, ‘Moskeerne bag sløret’ (‘Mosques behind the veil’), which investigates how mosques work towards or against the integration of Muslims into Danish society.

In the video, Imam Abu Bilal teaches mostly female audiences that flogging and stonings are appropriate punishments for infidelity, according to Sharia Law.

…In September, the Aarhus mosque made international headlines when it openly declared its support for Islamic State.


This is everyday, ordinary Islam. Murder is central to its tenets.

  • Xavier

    As a child I often wondered if the people who came before us were as civilized as we were; now I know they were better, because they had the courage to defend their civilizations against their savages.

  • ontario john

    I’m glad we only have good muslims in Canada. At Trudeau’s mosque in Peterborough women are only instructed to stay at home and provide sex.

  • Editor

    Madrassas seem to be doing a shitty job these days because there sure seems to be a lot of “misunderstanders of islam” around. I’m sure all these folks from moderate islam will set them straight.