British Muslim girls being forced into marriage via internet

Minor Muslim girls in the UK as young as 11 are being forced to marry men living abroad via the internet notwithstanding a ban on forced marriage in the country.

Imams in the UK and abroad have been conducting ceremonies using Skype so girls can be married remotely before “being put on a plane and consummating the marriage at the earliest opportunity”, according to Freedom, a charity.

  • canminuteman

    The Internet, is there nothing it can’t do?

  • Gary

    Not only will Justin go down as the Pro-rape PM, be he’ll famous among muslims for sanctioning Pedophilia in Canada so losers like the Al-quds Zafar bangash can finally have sex with a human.
    He’ll get a Float in the PRIDE parade with Brent Hawkes and Ben Levin.

  • k1

    illegal immigrant Muslim men are seeking brides here in Canada through this method