The exchange was detected by the RCMP’s Tactical Internet Operational Support Unit…

ISIL’s attempt to recruit First Nations man with brain injury on Twitter displays ‘nothing to lose’ strategy

They sent him a message on Twitter that said, “Who wants to do something to some top kaffirs (non-believers)?” They said they could get addresses. “Give me Canadian addresses,” Boissoneau responded. “I will ensure something happens.”

The RCMP Twitter Patrol;)

  • Alain

    Just the beginning…..

  • Frances

    FAS or not, truly responsible or not, this man could have been enticed to go out on a killing spree even though he could in no way understand why he was doing that.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ISIS freely operate online while Facebook and Twitter are shutting down unpc communications. We are betrayed on all sides.