Overnight Thread…

  • Brenda
    • The upper class is truly corrupt.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      What a walking, talking pos.

  • ontario john

    And now the news that we are allowed by the media. Sunday Toronto Star stories are: 1. Wynne is wonderful. 2. Trudeau is wonderful. 3. major story on how global warming is causing us all to be mentally ill. Yes mental illness is caused by global warming and is a major problem. Yes, I guess it would be since the same leftist closed down all the mental hospitals. Global warming mental illness is especially bad among public sector workers, environmental loons and whiny indians(hold on to your wallets). And refugees to Canada will also suffer from global warming here(oh No). 4. major story making fun of the person who wanted to build the Mother Canada statue out east to honour our war dead. Maybe it will get approved if he changes it to a huge statue of Trudeau reaching out to Mecca.

    • Ugh.

      • simus1

        The recent reopening of the Nipigon bridge/springboard to two lane traffic seems to have been a quiet affair. You might have thought GLLKDW would have flown in to break a bottle of “Ontario Champagne” over the last barrier/ballast weight removed, but no.

        While details are slim, it appears that the bridge was put back into one lane operation much earlier this winter by ballasting the “high side” with enough weight to level the roadway and overall structure. This also permitted a new hold down fixture to be installed in lieu of the earlier problematic one which remains in situ and available for further investigation.
        This risky money saving killing two birds with one stone procedure is likely to be largely damned once the dust settles. Such procedures are not conductive to bureaucratic harmony and empire building.

    • canminuteman

      That’s the highest circulation newspaper in Canada. Although hopefully no one is reading it any more. If I needed to line a bird cage there are multiple outlets in my neck of the woods where I can get it for free,

  • Gary

    Headline 2055
    A lone wolf Jihadist in Utah ran into a Church and slaughtered 300 Christians while screaming al-u-akbar .
    This was the third attack this year on the only population of Christians left in the USA which is now down to just over 80,000 followers.
    Imam’s from across the Nation’s 300,000,000 muslims along with all the reps from CAIR and other islamic Org’s have condemned this senseless act by a criminal that hijacked their peaceful faith . They want to assure the Christians that this has NOTHING to do with islam and the FBI will be asked to treat this a a hate-crime on a minority group.
    Barrack Obama’s grand daughter , that had converted to islam, spoke to the media to also assure them that islam is a religion of peace along with getting a call from her 94 year old Grand Father from Kenya that said that no Religion tell it’s followers to kill for it’s God.
    The Christian minority in Canada (30 ,000) also has fears being attacked during prayers but the Imam’s hope that there won’t be any backlash attacks on the Peaceful muslim majority in Canada if there is a mass slaughter.
    islamophobes and bigots hijack these slaughters to paint all muslims with the same brush as terrorist that want to dominate Canada and the USA.
    Canada’s Prime Minister Syed Muhammed reminded Christians that they are in an islamic nation and should not Provoke muslims by refusing to live under Sharia law and pay the Head-tax .
    The retire ex PM Justin Trudeau ( 84 years old) told the Caliphate Broadcasting Corp ( CBC) that he fought to end islamophobia because the future in Canada does not belong to those the slander the Prophet.
    He reminded Muslims that the extermination of gays and Jews in Canada by islamists had NOTHING to do with islam or being a muslim .

  • lolwut?