Our American friend on Trump’s spelling errors

From Mashable:

Donald Trump strung together a series of attempts at sentences on Twitter after the Republican presidential primary debate on Thursday, so Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account hopped in to point out that many of the words Trump was saying were not, in fact, words. … More.

Which is why he is about to drop out ( 😉 ) The entire electorate consists of book editors and librarians, so his humiliating defeat, due to spelling errors, was all but inevitable.

I mentioned to our American friend (the Political Animal),

What I’d love to write a book about some day is, why do these people think anyone thinks that that stuff matters now. It reminds me of the 2 Corinthians pseudo-flap.

Did the same people care when the New York Times referred in an editorial to the “Saint James Version” of the Bible some years back? (It was before the internet, so I can’t now readily find it, but at the time, it attracted the attention of the remaining serious religious population that the paper of record’s editorialists could heedlessly misunderstand the name and importance of the King James Bible. By then, it was cool to get that kind of thing wrong, I guess. Today, they wouldn’t even bother to reference it.)

The Animal: It’s all they have and as they get more desperate in the coming days, look for attention on small, inconsequential things to increase.

Me: Hey, we’ve already got the dog humping the Fox News reporter at the Trump really… what do you want for an encore? Hitler’s ghost rises at Trump rallies?

Meanwhile, at Power Line, they are quite convinced Trump is history already. And I gather Bernie Sanders could be feeling finer in Caroliner, or however the song runs. It disappoints me. As a Canadian, I find voting for Sanders so much easier to understand. He is not an unindicted criminal and probably only destroys things unintentionally.

The Animal: Power Line is clueless. We Minnesota conservatives have written them off, for the most part. Bernie is over.

What I like is predictions we can assess later. I had never imagined Trump would get this far, but hadn’t realized how bankrupt the GOP establishment is. Readers, are the Canadian Tories that bad yet?

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