Oh Boo Hoo! At least five Hamas terrorists trapped in Gaza tunnel collapse

A Palestinian newspaper is reporting on Sunday that at least five members of Hamas’ military wing were injured when a tunnel they were in collapsed underneath the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio said.

h/t MP

  • vimy

    I can dig that! but I won’t

  • ntt1

    The israelis should look at fracking technology to collapse the tunnels with pressurized water and destabilize the bedrock of gaza.

    • k1962

      Maybe they’re already done something considering so many tunnel are collapsing.

      • ntt1

        more likely arab engineers who rely on allahs grace rather than sound engineering practices

      • Turning terrorist tunnels into scumbag disposal chutes- way to go!

  • David Murrell

    Injured, nd not killed? Too bad not the latter.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      On the bright side, other tunnel collapses *have* sent jihadis off to their reward (*snicker*). And these ones trapped in this tunnel won’t be having a very good time of it, come to that. 😀

  • Gary

    Lies, all lies.
    The CBC and STAR have yet to report on hamas tunnels so it must be a ruse by the IDF or crafty jews to get into Gaza and kill children

    The CBC wouldn’t lie…would they ??????

    • luna

      If they report these deaths they will only mention that Palestinians struggling against the “Israeli occupation” died. Without mentioning that they were terrorists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Flat Lives Matter

    • Ed


  • Maggat

    Always nice to read good news.