Instapundit: Trump wave part of pattern, includes Europe

From “Instapundit” law prof Glenn Reynolds:

As plebes make the Donald increasingly acceptable, expect elite Trump supporters to come out of the closet.

… In America, Donald Trump — who many of the experts thought had no chance — is dominating the polls. In Britain, meanwhile, much of the public seems to be mobilizing in favor of exiting the troubled European Union — a British Exit, or Brexit.

Writing in The Spectator, Brendan O’Neill puts this down to a class revolt on both sides of the Atlantic. And he’s right as far as he goes, but I think there’s more than just a class revolt. I think there’s also a developing preference cascade. O’Neill writes: “In both Middle America and Middle England, among both rednecks and chavs, voters who have had more than they can stomach of being patronised, nudged, nagged and basically treated as diseased bodies to be corrected rather than lively minds to be engaged are now putting their hope into a different kind of politics. And the entitled Third Way brigade, schooled to rule, believing themselves possessed of a technocratic expertise that trumps the little people’s vulgar political convictions, are not happy. Not one bit.”

Well, that’s certainly true. Both America and Britain have developed a ruling class that is increasingly insular and removed from — and contemptuous of — the people it deigns to rule. The ruled are now returning the contempt. More.

Reality check: Any such wave should include Europe. Europeans have been treated far more savagely by their governments than North Americans have. Some of us still can’t believe (but it is true) that when migrants raped German women, the government and media were complicit in keeping it quiet. As if there is no difference between what they owe the migrants who had thrown themselves on Germany’s mercy and what they owe their lifelong citizens.

Hey, the new secular morality in all its glory… The important thing to see is that post-modern progressivecrats genuinely do not think there is any difference, and citizens who support them are playing a dangerous game.


But while there’s a class component here, it’s not as strong as some might suggest. Trump does well among college and post-college educated voters, too, and the Brexit is suddenly developing support from the sort of political class leaders who used to be pro-Europe. The difference is that the upper-class types have been less willing to show it. More.

If a college education is good for anything, it may have helped some people see that they are no better off than Merkel’s citizens, if they continue to support the establishment, left or right. Trump may be a lousy president, but he wouldn’t owe his position to the boffins.

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Mark Steyn on US Establishment (right and left) vs. Middle America

  • It may be at work.

    In Canada we’ve seen most of the MSM retreat from allowing comments in the papers or if they allow them then they are heavily censored as at the Globe and CBC.

    I no longer have faith in any of our political parties, especially since the conservatives seem hell bent on becoming the Liberals.

    Our MSM especially when it comes to Islam are simply dhimmi propaganda outlets and can’t be trusted.

    • disqusW6sf

      Seething – I can feel it.

  • ed

    the common man+woman in the uk will vote to leave the EU Ponzi scheme it is karma it is payback ! time to wipe the smirks of off all the hated uk and eu governments faces .payback for the cash for honours , the MP`s exspenses scandal for their moats and duck houses , for flipping their second homes, for drowning the uk in worthless migrant third world shite ,for their arrogant do as I say not as I do, to the paki muslim rape gangs ,the black street gangs , to the dozens of new criminal offences on the statue books that were alien to the uk 35 years ago, but to now fight migrant crime .the lies by the MSM and police ,the perverts protected by the government .police.and the bbc ,it really is payback time for no other reason than the before mentioned [ ed uk ]

    • It is a litany of deceit on the part of the “elites”.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The DNC is helping those wishing to remain in the EU just as it help Justin win the last federal election.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In today’s New York Post, Michael Goodwin explains Trump’s appeal in a succinct essay.

    If I may add, who are the geniuses who thought that Americans eagerly awaited another Bush vs. Clinton election?

  • Millie_Woods

    ‘Dog humps reporter’s leg..’

    He learned that from watching reporters humping Obama’s leg for eight years.