Indian Medical Association – in effect – endorses sex selection abortions

From BioEdge: Laws against selectively killing unborn girls in India haven’t been enforced. So

…the Indian Medical Association has come up with a better idea. Instead of banning prenatal sex tests, the government should make them compulsory.

The idea was first mooted by Maneka Gandhi, the Indian Women and Child Development Minister. She proposed that each pregnancy should be registered and the sex disclosed to the parents. If a girl, the pregnancy should be tracked and recorded.

“This is the strangest, most bizarre idea I have ever heard in my life,” said Puneet Bedi, a New Delhi gynaecologist, who has been campaigning against female foeticide for nearly three decades. Couples could used abortion drugs and visit the doctor afterwards. “At this point, doctors would not be able to deny treatment to the woman and the abortion would be a fait accompli,” said Dr Bedi. “This would be a dangerous move and female foeticide will spiral upwards – all blame shifts to parents, with doctors escaping blame.”More.

Reality check: Sure. That’s just it. Doctors can escape blame. Again, never give to “girl child” charities that blather about “empowerment” and “education” but won’t talk about female genital mutilation or sex selection abortions. I do not know what they are doing with the money, but it doesn’t matter.

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Long slow march to consensual euthanasia without conscience rights for medics. Including euthanasia of children with guardians’ consent