FGM advocated in Canada

Here, from the CBC, Feb 24, 2016:

Female genital mutilation should be legalized in some forms, doctor says

DR. ALLAN JACOBS: What we’re proposing is that forms of general female rituals that do not cause harm, be permitted under the law, and that people who engage in genital mutilation be encouraged to do these minor procedures instead of mutilation, so that the sort of thing that happened to Ms. Amed does not happen to anybody else.

Sure. To prevent back-alley FGMs, right?

AMT: And so what kind of procedure are you talking about?

DR. ALLAN JACOBS: We’re talking principally about a procedure in which the outside of the vagina, the vulva, is nicked with a lancet or a needle quickly drawing blood sterilely with anaesthetic cream. This is something that has been proposed in the past that was, it was advocated as an alternative to mutilation by the American Academy of Pediatrics which withdrew that statement under political pressure.

And so when it turns out that the child has really been sliced, diced, and hacked, what does Dr. Jacobs suggest we do then? Create more work for social workers by charging her parents? Not likely.

She’s sort of like the thousands of live aborted babies left to die in soiled utility closets. The media of record don’t talk about such “dreaded complications.”

Reality check: Never give to “girl child” charities that blather about “empowerment” and “education” but won’t talk about female genital mutilation or sex selection abortions. I do not know what they are doing with the money, but it doesn’t matter.

Are our local children’s hospitals surreptitiously mutilating girls even now?

Hre is a decorous explanation from WHO about what is cut off.

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Indian Medical Association in effect endorses sex selection abortions

Secular morality actually means no concept of the value of human beings at all.