Conrad Black: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are signs of hope for fresh thinking in the U.S. and the U.K.

The greatest single political problem in the Western world is sclerosis of the imagination. In Congress, on the hustings, and in the media, the United States is reduced to two camps. One side is calling for swingeing strokes of a spending scythe on the government with the threat of a shutdown behind it, and the other side is offering more redistributive taxing and, through the quaint and incompletely recycled ex-communist Bernie Sanders, a trillion-dollar bribe in the forgiveness of all student loans. In the media, we have shrieking heads with very few people saying anything intelligible.

Boris is not fresh thinking. He is simply Boris, as mealy mouthed as his buddy Cameron.

Trump is at least saying the things that normal people do about immigration and the economy. Whether he follows through remains to be seen.

h/t Ontario John