British ‘advisers’ deployed to Libya to build anti-ISIS cells

Britain has discreetly deployed military advisers to Libya in order to build an army to fight Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant cells in the country, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

Special forces commandos are said to be working alongside their US counterparts in the city of Misrata to stop the jihadists’ progress in the lawless terrain across the sea from Italy.

Even as diplomats in Washington, London and European capitals push for the formation of a unity government in Libya, US military operatives have begun “giving tactical training” to select local militias, Western officials, US congressional aides and sources on the ground have revealed.

  • pdxnag

    Is this part of a comedy script?

  • ntt1

    so in reality the ignorant special forces are providing enriched training for jihadis, an arab has no problem playing both sides against the other. just quarantine the dump with a naval blockade and start pumping European deportees back into the islamic hell hole

  • Gary

    The World watch on TV as the ISIS had the 1/4 Victory parade of vehicles knowing that Obama was on their side and wouldn’t send in 3 A-10 warthogs to create the highway of death to rid the earth of allah’s scum .
    Here in Toronto I find it very troubling that non-white immigrants are opining in public that France deserved the slaughter by muslims terrorist because of the racism to ghettoizes them and exclude them from French culture and foreigners for ever .

    How many in Toronto side with muslim terrorists like the Toronto-18 that wanted to use truick bombs to slaughter 10,000 Plus people on front street or bay during lunch time for them most death . I think Justin pulled out the F-18’s because the Toronto-18 plot was because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan
    that were killing their muslim brothers in the taliban .
    Hatred unites almost all muslims because of the qruan and is verses to kill the current 6 billion non-muslims on earth if they don’t convert or pay the head-tax in a caliphate .

    • canminuteman

      Toronto is only a few short years away from being the same sort of dump European cities have become.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Vancouver’s heading that way too, I’m afraid. Muzzies just pouring into the Metro area. 🙁

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pull up a chair, this slow escalation shit is going to be hilarious. But the punchline is that the UK has practically no standing army anymore.

    • canminuteman

      And they don’t have one because of what it costs them to “integrate” the alien invaders.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Meanwhile Turdeau is deploying more Canadian “advisers” to help the Iraqi Kurds. Don’t you just love the Arab Spring? Thank you so much, Mr Bush and Mr Obama.