Breaking!!: Dog humps reporter’s leg at Trump rally

No really.

For media who have made a living for ages marketing See! A squirrel! and political correctness, this counts as a story:

Reporter shooing off horny dog at Trump rally site is slice of Americana

From Mashable:

For the news team who approached the site of a Donald Trump rally well over a day in advance, before Trump had even arrived, it was supposed to be a quiet news day. While it wasn’t quiet per se, it was cut very short.

Possibly the first time in history that a randy dog “got its 15 seconds of fame. So everybody wins.”

It so obviously wouldn’t be a story if that were not the site of a Trump rally that one wonders how stupid media think middle American voters are? Really that stupid?

Reality check: But will it matter. After the tantrum, won’t most voters go back to voting for pot, welfare, euthanasia, and catering to terror—with appropriate social controls on their behaviour otherwise?

Note: Fox News, which reported this, may be “conservative” but it is no more free to actually represent middle America than any other network.

Fox knows well that The First Woman President has no use for U.S. First Amendment freedom of the media. Fox chooses to do business in her environment, the way Apple sells phones in surveillance-happy China, while protesting in North America.

Only a mass—and continuous, decades-long—public revolt against the very foundations of progressivism and political correctness would make any difference in the long run.

And remember, Jane is still afraid, and still helpless and bought off

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