Ben Shapiro’s Blunt Message for the Campus Fascists Who Tried to Silence Him

Conservative author and Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, 32, spoke at California State University, Los Angeles on Thursday despite threats issued to him and students organizing the event, blockading protesters, and an initial cancellation by President William Covino—only overturned last minute to save face, and perhaps some legal troubles.

  • Clausewitz

    From the picture I see it’s just a gathering of the usual suspects.

    • Kristin Torrance

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      • mobuyus

        Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of penicillin for your new and rewarding career in prostitution. You go girl!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yeah Ben, so tell us how Cruz or Rubio will help end this era of political correctness?
    Oh that’s right, they can’t because they are slaves to it too!
    Gee Ben, who is left to fight that fight in 2016?
    Just whom might that uncultured and “not a real conservative” candidate be Ben?
    You know, that one you savage at every opportunity?

    • David Murrell

      From the posted article, Mr. Shapiro was there at UCLA to fight against university left-fascism, not to make an anti-Trump speech. It takes gut to face up to the leftist mob these days.

      • Kaye1992

        Agreed. I didn’t realize Shapiro was vehemently against Trump – an error in judgement on his part, I would say, definitely – but I still respect his views in general.

    • Brett_McS

      The sneaky thing about PC is that it draws on the natural disinclination to be rude and subverts this good inclination to the point where the politeness becomes a cover for cowardice. However, one doesn’t have to be rude to be anti-PC, and in fact it is more effective to remain polite while being anti-PC; a rude person is easier to dismiss out of hand.