Tory MP calls out Trudeau for refusing to call ISIS attacks on Christians ‘genocide’

“The silence is deafening. Why does the Prime Minister not think Christians and other religious minorities are the right kind of refugees?” she added.

  • Ron MacDonald

    His Muslim Brotherhood front people won’t allow it.

    • Bataviawillem

      By the looks of it the Clintons are found out, and there days are over.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Disgraceful how that veteran was treated.

    • Brave man.

      Yes, Trudeau should be publicly excoriated so badly that not even Butts or mummy can protect him.

    • Islamo_realist.

      Gotta thank these people for being so brave. I wish I’d of been there to interrupt it too.

  • Martin B

    Thank you Ms Gallant. This is what we need to hear from the Conservative benches over the next four years.

    • Alain

      She is an admirable MP.

  • vimy

    Justin is afraid it admit it, not because he’s scared Muslims might retaliate by killing some Canadians in response. he doesn’t care. He won’t say it because he’s afraid one of them might key that damn car daddy left him.

    • barryjr

      The only reason PM Shithead would be concerned about Canadian deaths is it might cut down on the number of taxpayers to pay the bloated MPs salaries and pensions or give him money to hand out overseas.

      • level of Consciousness

        I believe that’s the only reason as well . All politicians.

  • African

    Trudeau is an ignorant evil but even the conservatives spent billions on the Syrian and Libyan jihadists who are today murdering Christians in Syria and Libya. There is NO difference between the two parties.

  • k1962

    Love what you did with that picture. It really says it all about our man child PM.

  • ontario john

    He doesn’t want to upset his imam in Peterborough.

  • Blacksmith

    Nice to hear a politician saying what we have been saying for years.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Why does the Prime Minister not think Christians and other religious minorities are the right kind of refugees?””
    Because they’re not his coreligionists. Muslims are.

  • Trudeau’s response to the rape of Yazidi and Christians girls and women was parkas. He called prioritising them “disgusting”. Then he withdrew from fighting ISIS.

    Yes, he is an enormous pu$$y.