Thailand Style

How they deal with high speed chases in Thailand: Cop decides he’s finally had enough and opens fire on speeding car

  • simus1

    Final scene. Good line would be
    “You forgot your fortune cookie, ‘You’re shit out of luck.’”

    Cool. Wow. Motorcycle Madness.
    This cop Would feel a bit out of place on one of our bicycle squads.

  • ntt1

    It always struck me how such a smiling peaceable people could also have a major kick ass attitude when pissed off. Muang Thai ,a particularly murderous form of martial art is huge
    the cops are probably telling the young thug “Mai dii” or bad luck. no fortune cookies in Thailand or as far as i can tell anywhere in the orient

    • luna

      Thai have a reputation in south east Asia for being tough, it goes back to the days when elephants were used in warfare.

      • ntt1

        I had an opportunity to go on an elephant trek, they are amazing animals a sort of organic SUV. they could be a major solution to traffic jams, whatever they can’t remove by tusk work, they could simply step over. i remember working elephants heading home at at dusk, wearing yellow flashing lights on sashes on their hindquarters to warn upcoming traffic.

    • simus1

      It’s from a “Dirty |Harry” movie.
      You get the feeling this guy would know every line by heart.

      • ntt1

        I watched Thai cops take down a rebel(muslim) house near surat thani. they don’t fool around. they literally took the house down then rounded up the dazed survivors. that was the police, apparently the military types are even more brutal