Terrorist scumbag doesn’t deserve citizenship

The Liberal government lived up to immigration minister John McCallum’s warnings of radical new changes to the Canada’s citizenship laws.

Among the proposed changes announced on Thursday, the Trudeau government wants to cut the language requirement for anyone over the age of 54, reduce the time a permanent resident must live in Canada before they become eligible for citizenship, and no longer revoke the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism, espionage, or treason.

The Trudeau government also announced that they will reinstate the citizenship of the Jordanian terrorist who had his citizenship revoked under the Harper government. Zakaria Amara was convicted of terrorism and given a life sentence back in 2010.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But Justin says terrorists have the same rights as everybody else.

    • k1962

      Justin’s brain doesn’t work the same way a normal person’s brain works. He is incapable of looking at history, making connections and coming up with reasonable conclusions. It’s a liberal disease that too many suffer from unfortunately.

      • Exile1981

        So your saying liberalism is a mental disorder?

        • k1962

          You know, it must be. Who else would advocate for those who would cause them harm?

  • Exile1981

    Actually this makes a great campaign ad.

    “In an effort to get votes Justin gave citizenship to a convicted terrorist. Most Canadians believe terrorists should not be rewarded with citizenship. Why is Justin undermining Canadian values just so he can garner the votes of people who support and endorse terrorism?”