Rex Murphy: Burning the budget to heat the home

I find it hard to believe, but I’m told some people use shopping as a form of therapy. This is ridiculous. If life is chewing at your ankles, you’ve lost your job and your mortgage has been foreclosed, it’s not clear that buying a cartload of designer shoes, on a credit card rapidly going underwater, promises any long-term relief.

h/t Ontario John

  • Ron MacDonald

    What ever became of the OPP’s investigation of the Liberals?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I always thought OPP meant other people’s pussy.
      You down with OPP?
      Yeah, you know me.

  • huron

    handsom man

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Geppetto would be proud.

    • Ron MacDonald

      A little known fact…

      • Gary

        It’s also used for the new Euthanasia this Lesbian is promoting.

        Too bad SHE doesn’t sign her Will first as an example to be put-down if she has a serious mental Illness as she currently has.

  • ontario john

    A farmer I know has a horse that looks exactly like her.

    • Shebel

      Was it a Belgian or a Percheron?

    • Clausewitz

      Why the long face?

  • simus1

    Then go bankrupt. Or move back to the middle east.
    Works for lots of people now and a lot more in the future.
    GLLKDW’s plan for Ontario when the time comes.
    Shiny Pony’s too, probably.

  • Until Liberal voters are really acquainted with loss, they will always vote Liberal.

    This is why their job and home losses become vital to Canada’s survival.

    • Gary

      The Public sector Unions have yet to catch on that they are being used and ignorant peons that are too stupid to see that they are victims of a Ponze scheme.
      The combined debts on earth right now are about 4,000 trillion and growing while there isn’t enough money on Earth right now to pay it off.

      Those Gold Plated pension that Sid Ryan promised his peons is only on paper for now while most of the senior Members at the Apex of the Pyramid have cashed in , but there are not enough Union member in Canada to support the base as it grow outwards to fund the Apex as the early birds cash out for now and will be in for a big surprise .

      The SCOC can rule against the Unions if the Government files for bankruptcy. Judges are forced to look at the Governments ability to pay for things such as the Gold Plated pension where it will inflict financial harm on the majority of Citizens that are funding the Public sector by their taxes.
      No Politician would ever get away with a plan to give every poor person $500,000.00 as part of solving the Poverty issue. What they are doing is giving them the money slowly via Welfare , housing, Dental care , day care , Education and so on .

      • Their greed is the reason why Bangladeshi girls are sealed in fire-prone factories.

        The bottom will run out and they will be sorry that there is no more money to siphon.