INS Arihant: India nears completion of nuclear submarine ‘Slayer of Enemies’ – so what does it mean for the world?

India is conducting the final trials of its first nuclear-armed submarine, which would make it the sixth country in the world to possess a vessel capable of launching nuclear warheads from underwater.

When deployed, the submarine will complete India’s nuclear triad – allowing it to launch atomic weapons from land, sea and air.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I don’t blame them, they’re surrounded by Muslims.

    • They will be the most populous Muslim nation soon.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The world’s first atomic powered call center.

    • Good one.

    • andycanuck

      So I won’t be able to tell duct-cleaning guys (when my house is all-electric) to eff-off any more? 🙁

  • Xavier

    It means Pock-ees-taan is going the learn about The Big Fire.

  • canminuteman

    It means they see a threat to their national survival that they need the threat of total anhialation to deal with, That threat is Pakistan, Bangladesh, and their own muslim minority.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Sad that money has to be squandered on szchiddt like this…I wonder how many long-track Ski-Doos that could buy?

  • Exile1981

    How long till pakistan builds one or how long till the muslims in india seize power?

    • P_F

      Pakistan (mohammedans as an order) has never build anything, they either appropriate or are provided by western (and china) countries.

  • Martin B

    Nuke Islamabad.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s funny that name is also a truism.
      It is bad.

      • David Murrell

        Heh, good one.

  • Doug Kursk

    ..and Canada still cannot field soldiers at Brigade strength..undersized battalions are a stretch. We are ill prepared to handle what will be coming down the pipe in five years.

    • canminuteman

      On one hand I agree with you. Our security threat however is traitorous governments who are hell bent on make us a “post national country” All that means is we get to have everyone else in the world who still believes in countries bringing their fights to our shores.

      We are a big enough, isoloted enough country that we don’t need to worry about the rest of the world as long as we don’t bring it here.

  • marty_p

    The fact that this drives the P@kis crazy is good enough for me.

  • “Slayer of enemies”?

    The Indians don’t futz about with words.

    India is acting like the major power it is.


    Give China a run for its money.