I Was Detained By Killers from the ‘Cannibal Cartel’!!!


NO! I did not pinch this story from an old Men’s Adventure Magazine!

TIERRA CALIENTE, Mexico — The squad of cartel sicarios, or hitmen, fans out across the road as we approach. They take up skirmish positions quickly and professionally, using thorn trees and a nearby fence line for cover. All the weapons are aimed our way. Then their point man waves us forward.

As we come closer, I can see they carry G3 and AR15 assault rifles—some with grenade launchers mounted under the barrels. They wear paramilitary uniforms beneath Kevlar vests, their combat harnesses crammed with 40 mm grenades and spare clips. Ski-masks hide their faces in spite of the desert heat.

“What the hell are you doing here?” the squad leader asks in Spanish, but doesn’t believe us when we tell him.

This only gets better!