Conservatism Inc. “Experts” Wrong Again: Exit Polls Show Trump’s Success IS About Immigration

Since Trump first sprang to the top of the polls, Conservatism Inc. has repeatedly claimed that he was not a serious candidate and that we’d reached “Peak Trump” [The Donald’s Debate Boycott Officially Pays Off, As Bill Kristol Predicts Trump Has Peaked, by Eric Levitz, New York, January 29, 2016]. After coming in second in Iowa, winning by double digits in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then blowing out the competition in Nevada, it’s hard to deny he’s now the favorite for the GOP nomination (though a few still try–Why Trump Isn’t the Inevitable Nominee, by Lou Cannon, Real Clear Politics, February 24, 2016). So, instead, the Beltway hacks are now pretending that Trump’s patriotic immigration platform hasnothing to do with his success.

These pundits point to exit polls that show that immigration is ranked at the bottom of primary voters’ priorities, and that a majority of GOP voters prefer legalization to deportation.