Cologne Students Adopt Right Wing Views after New Year’s Eve Sex Assaults

An online political poll at a German university has revealed broad support for right wing ideas among students.

The poll conducted at the University of Cologne has shocked the general student committee who expected that like most universities there would be a much more pro-left wing outcome. Katharina Letzelter who sit on the board of the committee went so far as to say the results were “frightening.”

  • V10_Rob

    People fear being a social pariah, being singled out and shunned by the herd. Political elites, the media and the squeaky wheels have spent a long time building a social myth that only leftist values are worth considering, that everyone normal believes in them, and that any who think otherwise have something wrong with them.

    So people hide their true beliefs, scared of being outed. Then something happens, the leftist train derails so badly that a significant minority refuses to be silent about it any more. The dam breaks. Equally frustrated people see they are not alone and freakish as they have been told they are, and join the tidal wave.

    That is why the narrative is so important to the left. If they lose control of it, the whole facade comes crashing down.

    • bargogx1

      And that is why it’s so important to poke holes in those narratives every time the opportunity presents itself.

  • Brenda

    Here’s hoping Katharina Letzelter is the next victim of a taharrush.

    Like many people on student councils these days, I bet she’s 53.

  • pdxnag

    It is okay to be anti-pro-rape.

  • Canadian

    This is bound to get ugly soon.

  • Blacksmith

    Its good to see them finally waking up. Hope it is not too little too late.