Canadian Iranian: “I feel betrayed”; waves of migrants endanger Western societies

How do you explain this Western multiculturalism?

Thirty-seven years ago, before the invasion of Iran by Islamic Sharia law, and before Khomeinest regime exported their political Islam to the world, Americans and Europeans embraced multiculturalism inclusively as diverse society. But, after, they allowed excessive immigration without stipulating enough integration into their societies, which undermined the national identity by creating a mismatch of ideologies, breaking down social cohesion. In turn, this has caused a degrading of public trust, and any criticism about it now is labelled racism.

  • Iranians didn’t flee Iran only for Canada to become it in the end.

  • Martin B

    Take note of this also, from the sidebar – PEGIDA Canada rallies in Thornhill to say that rapefugees are not welcome:

    • Interesting. I do not know them.

    • Gary

      Watch how Justin will mock these women for being a groups of Anti-rape islamophobes that want to deny muslim males the Right to practise their faith and rape those filthy infidels sluts.

      Justin is the same pro-Women Liberal that defended the Gendercide Abortions in the South Asian community where female babies were being killed once they were spotted in the Ultra-sound because males were ranked higher up.
      Lets see what Justin does when the gay-Gene or DNA stand is found and we have Homo-cide Abortions to gay babies. Liberals are so far down the rabbit hole that they have a suicide-pact with the islamists while the pro-choice stance will wipe out gays so they are never allowed to be born .

      Too bad we haven’t found the Liberalism gene since it’s a mental Disorder where the victims of it are getting people around them killed.
      Lets kill them first in the womb along with the feminazis and progressive.

    • It’s a modest start, but better than nothing. All great things start small.

  • lolwut?

    Don’t think that Rapefugee slogan thing is going to fly here
    The Liberals are importing Muslim breeders, Whiners and Legal Jihadists, not single, military age men.

    Though in a decade or so we’ll see how the kids turn out.

    The first “PEGIDA” protest in Toronto was a different crowd
    just a handful of the Alex Jones weirdo types.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It will fly here in the States, as Trump will likely use it against Hillary or Bernie.

  • Shebel

    You ,my dear ,are a real LADY.

  • Barrington Minge

    When she fell out of the tree she hit every branch on the way down..UG..LEEEE!!!

  • We are all definitely betrayed by our elites – political, journalistic, academic, educational, social, etc. They’re all programmed like Zombies from outer space to destroy the West a.s.a.p. and resettle it with Muslims.

  • barryjr

    If your homeland is so messed up that you are willing to leave behind family, friends, job and lifestyle for opportunities in Canada remember to leave your crap behind. You are leaving behind a mess so don’t bring it here and eff up our country. If you want to live your life according to the “teachings” of some 7th century pedophile stay in goathumper land and leave us to be successful.