What’s Wrong with Twinkling Buttocks?

I am a free speech absolutist. If any argument, however equivocal, could be made in favour of censorship, this would be it. (BTW, Lawrence is a downright bad writer. Dr. D is right about that. They made me read Sons and Lovers twice. Good lord what crap. It’s always so gratifying when someone hates the same writer as you do.)

I read all of Dalrymple’s articles from City Journal back in the day. I highly recommend you all take a holiday from your “life” and do the same.

In no country has the process of vulgarization gone further than in Britain: in this, at least, we lead the world. A nation famed not so long ago for the restraint of its manners is now notorious for the coarseness of its appetites and its unbridled and antisocial attempts to satisfy them.