PC gone mad: Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class

A SCHOOLBOY was hauled out of class and interrogated by detectives after politically correct teachers reported him to the POLICE for visiting the UKIP website.

h/t LS

  • tom_billesley

    Now they’ll interrogate the parents, execute a search warrant and seize their computers and phones, shoot their dog, and call in social services to have him and any siblings put into council care homes pending a family court decision.

    • The teachers should be fired.

      • They should be in prison for trying to annul the right of free choice of political party. This is really fascist muzzling of dissent.

        • 1984 has arrived.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Britain has gone beyond the 1984 benchmark. Must remember never to go there again. Half of what I think every day is illegal in Britain. I would be bound to put my foot in it and find myself with a “situation” on my hands.

            This puts British tourism in a whole new light. A Gulag is a hard sell from a tourism-marketing perspective. Few are willing to spend money to stay in a prison……

  • Clink9

    Just wondering why my relatives helped these guys out in a couple world wars?

  • Liberal Progressive

    This just proves the inefficiency of their Conservative government that a teacher had to catch this and then call the police.

    MI5 needs to be monitoring the UKIP website in real-time and just rounding up everybody who visits it with the help of the Home Office. After all the UKIP wants to take Britain out of the rule of the EU and its benevolent oversight.

  • Kaye1992

    I recommend the following as the UK’s new national anthem (I guess they’ll have to modify a few lines, but no big deal):


  • roccolore

    But Muslims, never get punished for looking at pro-ISIS material.

  • canminuteman

    This is why molatov cocktails were invented.

  • AlanUK

    For those who read the link, the School ‘phoned 101 which is the Police non-emergency number (999 is for Emergencies). The number was brought in to try to control the number of sincere but non-emergency, 999 calls. They sought advice which was given by the Police.
    (Whether they were given sensible advice is a different matter! We do not know what was said on either side. Personally, I would have thought the right thing would have been to ask the parent(s) to come to the School to get more information on what was happening without involving the boy until after this.)
    It would appear that the boy had previously used the EDL website from school. Now, there are mixed views about the EDL in England. There have been, and probably still are, violent thuggish factions in the EDL. Tony Robinson claims (and I am not doubting it) that he gave up leadership of the EDL because those factions were out of control.
    I can understand why the School might have been concerned about the EDL and raised it in the 101 call. It seems to me that the UKIP part was a red herring in this whole thing.