Muslims and Muhammad and His Raids


‘I have noticed that when Muslims are presented with the bare and unvarnished facts of Muhammad’s life as presented in the original sources of Islam written 12 to 14 hundred years ago, they respond as people do when one of their friends or relatives has committed a violent crime. The first response is to deny that the accused could possibly have done such a thing. The next step is to challenge the motivations of the authorities; the police must have doctored the evidence or had it in for the accused. If the evidence presented is inconvertible, the final stage is to argue there must have been a justification for his action; it was an accident or done in self defense. There is no way, according to their thinking, that their loved one could simply have committed a cold-blooded crime.’

  • Islam is like totally peace you racists!

  • Martin B

    I’ve said this before, but every infidel needs to learn what Mohammedans don’t want infidels to learn about Mohammed.

  • terrence

    There are a lot of muslims who have NEVER read the koran (their parents may have been muslim) and are horrified by what ISIS do. So, they actually READ the koran, and see that ISIS is ONLY doing what it tells them to do.

    But, if they speak out or try to leave islam and/or their mosque they are now apostates; and devout muslims are REQUIRED to kill them. Those former muslims who can see on the internet have put themselves in great danger; they are apostates.

    Several years ago I met a woman who was muslim; she said even if she left her mosque, for any reason she would be killed. If she was going to another mosque, she would need permission from both imams.