Dual nationals convicted of terrorism, high treason or spying don’t deserve to keep Canadian citizenship

OTTAWA — The plot by the al-Qaida-inspired Toronto 18 to detonate truck bombs, storm the CBC and the Canadian Parliament, and then behead prime minister Stephen Harper was foiled 10 years ago.

As the trial judge said, the potential for loss of life on a scale never seen before in Canada was “spine-chilling.”

Right-thinking Canadians everywhere will then, be relieved to learn that the man who masterminded these terror attacks, and was subsequently given a life sentence, is the main beneficiary of the Liberal government’s citizenship act reforms.

  • Ron MacDonald

    No surprise there, one of his closest advisers is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood front group in Canada.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But terrorists have rights too!

    Terrorist is such a negative label, perhaps we should be calling them the “mass violence enabled”?

  • gxp01

    Gotta hand it to (us) Canadians…for voting in Canada’s first secret Muslim in office. Canada is now under the #politicalcorrectness statehood.

  • Maggat

    Should a similar group of killers decide to do exactly the same act today, they would have my full support, in spades.

  • canminuteman

    With any luck some terrorists will kill zoolander.

  • Reader

    That picture of Trudoh! makes me think of

  • New Centurion

    Okay listen up folks…I figured this out. This was repealed because the guy could have killed Stephen Harper. According to progressives muffins Stephen Harper = Hitler. You don’t punish a guy that was going to kill Hitler. Am I right?