CBC stages fake Muslim hate crimes and cites anti-semitic group to show how racist Canadians are

Anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise, but bystanders sometimes stay silent

Two Muslim women are accosted and pushed on a Toronto subway. Another is assaulted and robbed after dropping off her kids off at school.

Incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise, according to the Canadian Arab Federation. Since the Paris attacks in November, there’s been a sharp spike — enough that the National Council of Canadian Muslims created an online map to track such incidents.


The Canadian Arab Federation was defunded by the government for its rabid anti-Semitism. But given that PM Useful Idiot’s adviser Omar Alghabra is a past president of that hate group it’s no surprise the CBC would give them a blowjob.

The National Council Of Canadian Muslims was formerly known as CAIR Canada, a branch of CAIR in the United States, a group long associated with Muslim terrorism.

Ihsaan Gardee of the NCCM recently attended this Muslim Brotherhood conference – European Muslim Brotherhood Leader Joins US Congressman, US State Department, And John Esposito At Global Muslim Brotherhood World Coalition Conference

  • David Murrell

    Notice that the huckster CBC News web page refuses to provide a comments section, to criticize this mindless divel.

    • True though they do have the forum, however none of my comments are ever approved by them.

      • Exile1981

        I suspect your blacklisted for life.

        • Me too.

          • Exile1981

            You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.

      • Exile1981


        If were lucky it will hit the satellite that carries CBC and Turdeaus speeches.

        Edit to Add that would be the Anik F1 that is the primary sender of the CBC Propaganda signals.

      • k1962

        Mine either, lately. They just hang around waiting to be moderated. I guess that’s the kind of diversity we get with Bozo as PM.

    • Martin B

      They won’t take our comments, but they gladly take our taxes.

  • reidjr

    There was a reported of racism @ Nordstroms Ottawa if anyone wants to read it just go to muslim link its really something.

  • ontario john

    So CBC is staging fake racism incidents tonight on Market Place, but they are co sponsoring trips to communist China. I guess the CBC considers China to be a human rights heaven.

    • Of course. The CBC luvs what Justin luvs, He has promised them more of our money.

  • k1962

    First of all, it’s a lie. Second of all, am I really supposed to care if racist supremacists are on the receiving end of some hate? What’s good for the goose…

  • Will Quest

    Asha Tomlinson is a feces flinging Rhesus { AKA CBC ‘talent’ } She tried that trick with the apparent black racism in Canada ……. it had no legs.Now she makes a mock-up to exemplify the indifference to the anti-islamic ‘phenomena’ …. This simpleton will continue flinging feces until something sticks, and finally marks Canada as blatantly racist .
    Her anti-muslim mock-up should have had a black-male denigrating an hijabi-woman and than watch the “progressive ” sheeple quickly run in the opposite direction . …….. you can’t silence a black-voice , no matter how belligerent ….. can you ?????

  • Ernie Meggison

    The perpetrator in a so called hate crime in London, Ontario needed a Farsi translator at her court hearing….is that odd?