Cap-and-trade: The next Liberal rip-off

TORONTO – If you’re going to introduce carbon pricing, the most costly and least effective way for the public is to impose a cap-and-trade system that hands out free carbon credits to big polluters and is not revenue neutral.

So of course this is exactly what Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government is going to do starting Jan. 1, 2017, based on information supplied in Thursday’s Ontario budget.

  • David Murrell

    I recommend that all BCFers read the posted Lorrie Goldstein column. It will be tricky to research the new cap and trade system, but it promises to be very corrupt, this from a very corrupt govrnment. A lot of investigative research has to be done here, particularly in following the money.

    • It will be a criminal enterprise, like all liberal party scams.

  • Yo Mama

    That money can go into new windmills from former Liberal Party of Canada President Mike Crawley’s green energy company.

    Money can go into the education system for improved teacher training on gender fluidity.

    And more can go into the new anti-Racism Secretariat run by failed Liberal candidates as appointees.

  • ontario john

    She is very innovative in coming up with ways to fight global warming. Over the objections of municipalities and everyone in the area, she has approved building wind turbines at the Collingwood airport. I guess she figures when planes crash into the towers, the planes can no longer pollute. Gee, I wonder why she is ignoring safety concerns to approve this green energy fiasco.

    • Her only innovation is managing to be more full of shit than was previously thought humanly possible.

  • ontario john

    And why is this useless bitch giving millions in aid to other countries as part of her budget, when this is a federal responsibility. And why is she spending 100 million dollars on whiny indian women when our small rural hospital is falling apart.

    • She’s an incompetent.

      • Observer

        I think she is competent, but I don’t think this is a question of competence, but possibly one of being corrupt.

  • DMB

    With gas prices in Ontario hovering over 80 cents a litre rather then at a high of $1.40 a litre almost two years ago it must make Wynne’s blood boil thinking of all the potential gas revenue should could have had. With no sign of gas prices rising back to anywhere near $1.40 during the provincial budget her government announced an increase in gas taxes. This does NOT include any carbon pricing as part of her cap and trade scheme. On average Canadians pay an average of 39.3 cents of tax on a litre of gas. This represents almost $20 on a typical 50 litre fill. What Wynne will do is increase to the point wear someone in Ontario will pay 50% gas expenditure on taxes. Wynne has an unquenchable thirst for our money which won’t stop until we are sucked dry.

    • Wynne is a thief, nominally in charge of the Ontario Kleptocracy. Her real masters are the Unions and Crony capitalists.