“Asian” sex abusers to be stripped of UK citizenship and DEPORTED under new drive to broaden ‘anti-terror’ powers

Shabir Ahmed Muslim Pedophile Child Rapist

Rochdale child sex grooming gang ringleader Shabir Ahmed, pictured, is the first paedophile to be subjected to the new Home Office approach

Powers created to deport terrorists are being used to remove members of Asian child sex grooming gangs with dual nationalities under a new effort by the Home Office.

Home Secretary Theresa May plans to significantly increase the withdrawal of British citizenship for serious criminals with dual nationality, Whitehall sources told The Independent.

According to senior Home Office sources, there is likely to be an ‘acceleration of passport strike-outs and potential deportations’.




If convicted in Canada Justin Trudeau would consider Shabir Ahmed for a Cabinet post.

Note: In the British press “Asian” is code for Muslim, and yes real Asians do complain bitterly about it.