Armenians Are Impossible: Interview with Lawrence of Arabia in 1919


I gathered that he had some inex­pressible sympathy or—let me rather say—some knowledge or experience of the Armenians that gave him a human understanding for the Turks (and all the other near neighbors of the Armenians), who are forever trying to kill off this orphan race. He seemed to think that was the only thing to do to the Armenians. He didn’t say so. You may observe that I do not quote this au­thority very freely.

…A perfect massacre of the Armenians, he reasoned, might make a scandal, if the British did it, and, he explained, though the Empire had withstood some such shocks and must, of course, withstand others, too many more just now might jar it. And the Empire should not be jarred, unnecessarily, just now.

  • Damn. I really liked him as Peter O’Toole.

    • DD_Austin

      O’toole did a good job in portraying him as the madman he was

      Muslims worship insanity

  • Sid Falco

    This must have been after the turkish guards had theirs cocks in him.

    • Ouch!

    • favill

      He was a product of the British Public School system…he would have had cocks in him since he was a boy…which explains why the Brits functioned so well in the Middle East and India (which also included what we call Pakistan and Bangladesh today)

  • Spatchcocked

    Actually as a suspect his guards beat him to soften him up for a Turkish officer…

    He was an avid motorcyclist though…which is of course neither here nor there.

    If you read him closely the suspicion arises he took some perverse pleasure in the beating and the sodomy.

  • Quite apart from Steffens’ writing being disjointed, self-referential and obscure, we should keep in mind that 1919 was the year in which he visited the revolution in Russia and pronounced “I have seen the future and it works”. He presents himself as an idealistic American but he was really a heartless socialist/progressive – more like an ideologue along the lines of Barack Obama. He had also said of the Russian revolution that the slaughter and violence there could be tolerated because it represented “hope and a plan”. Hope and Change, anyone? Besides, his self-important portrayal of the conversation, in my view, casts a serious shadow of a doubt on it as an accurate report of Lawrence’s views.

    • I didn’t know anything about Steffens. Thanks.

  • P_F

    He was socialist homosexual, if not for his idiocity & sexual preference middle east would’ve been a different place today. While serving with RAF in the late 20’s he was kicked out India for his political & sexual views.
    He was as vile as any modern day liberal.