Why are Amnesty keeping the details of their plan to bring in more migrants secret?

The head of Amnesty, Kate Allen, was busily talking the most terrible balls on the radio this morning. In an interview on the Today programme she reminded everyone of how bad the situation in Syria is and indulged in the usual Conservative-bashing by arguing that Britain wasn’t doing enough to alleviate the refugee situation. Despite spending more than almost any other country on regional solutions to the humanitarian catastrophe and a commitment to take in 20,000 refugees over 5 years, Ms Allen particularly lamented that we were ‘not joining with the rest of Europe.’

  • Amnesty International are an evil lot, a pseudo-humanitarian NGO, which originally perhaps merited some respect because it opposed torture in second and third world countries, but which has now (for decades) been run by extreme leftists, and by Arabs/Muslims posing as leftists, intent on destroying the first world.

  • QiPo

    Because they know it is wrong. Juveniles and leftists seem to becognitively distorted and always hide in plain sight provided you know how to look for them. Of course they don’t want to be revealed. It threatens to invalidate their fantasy existence.